Automated Giving at Holy Family Parish

Looking for a way to simplify things?

With our Automated Giving Program, the Parish receives your donation automatically.

What is ACH?

A paperless, electronic transaction that goes through the Automated Clearing House and transfers money from one bank to another. Could be credits (deposits) or debits (withdrawals).

What is an automated giver?

A parishioner, who through prayer and reflection, chooses an automated way to exercise good financial stewardship by having his/her weekly offering electronically delivered to the parish. Most find this as a convenient way to make their offertory donations, especially snow birds and those who are not physically able to attend mass on a regular basis.

How do I participate in this program?

Easy! Download and complete this form: Automated Giving Authorization Form
Return your completed form and a voided or cancelled check to the Parish Office.


Please support Holy Family online!

It’s very easy to do – click here for instructions on set up


Please call 440-842-5533 ext. 302 or email