Holy Family Parish 150th Anniversary ~ 2022

As we put a most difficult year behind us, we as faithful Catholics look forward to the future. A future full of Hope. Hope in Christ, hope in each other. A great event in our future will be the Celebration of our 150th anniversary as a Parish in 2022. As we look to the future, we also have a great opportunity to “look back” at 150 years of Faith and Family. We believe at our Parish, that we are more than a community – we are a family, and have been a family for many years. We mark a milestone in 2022, and we want to celebrate that achievement abundantly.

Like a wedding, or similar celebration, our 150th requires preparation. We want everyone to be able to be a part of both the preparation and the celebration. We are not planning on celebrating a day, or even a month. We are planning to celebrate the entire year with a number of activities/events.  You can be a part of that.  Get involved and join actively in our community – our Family, as we prepare for this most significant event. We want your ideas, thoughts and effort to make 2022 significantly special.

150th Anniversary Preparation Survey

  • Here are thoughts or ideas that I have for the preparation and/or celebration of the Anniversary: