Neocatechumenal Way

The Holy Family Neocatechumenal Way Community has merged with the St. Anthony of Padua Community. Please contact St. Anthony of Padua for more information.


The Neo-catechumenal Way is an instrument of service to the Bishop for the rediscovery of the Christian Initiation of baptized adults. Among these, the following may be identified:


            Those who have drifted away from the Church.

            Those who have not been sufficiently evangelized and catechized.

            Those who desire to deepen and mature their faith.

            Those who have come from Christian denominations not in full communion with the                      

            Catholic Church.


The Neo-catechumenal Way seeks to foster in its recipients a mature sense of belonging to the parish, promoting a relationship of profound communion and collaboration with all the faithful and with the other elements of the parish community.


Within the parish, the Neo-catechumenate is lived in small group communities modeled after the Holy Family of Nazareth, where Jesus became an adult, growing in “wisdom, age and grace.” In this community the neo-catechumens become adults in faith, growing in humility, simplicity and praise, and in submission to the Church.


Small group communities are organized following a Series of Instructions, which allows individuals to enter into a “way” of experiencing the love of God through Scripture, Eucharist and Community.