St. Cecilia Children’s Choir

Founded in the fall of 2006 with the appointment of David Uschold as Director of Music, the St. Cecilia choir follows the model set forth by The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM).

In 1927, on the feast of St. Nicolas, with the initiative of Sir Sydney Nicholson, organist of Westminster Abbey, the School of English Church Music (SECM) was founded.  It was not until 1945 under the command of King George VI that the SECM became RSCM.  By 1952 over 3000 congregations world-wide were affiliated with RSCM.  Today RSCM continues to be the foundation for many choral programs of many congregations abroad implementing instruction of proper vocal production, music theory and liturgical aspects.

Those who are interested should contact our parish office at 440.842.5533 ext. 305.