Women’s Renewal

Women’s Renewal is a spiritual renewal process which calls together women to make the Christian community more and more a reality as an authentic sign of Christ’s love present with His People.

Renewals are typically held once a year, it is a one day experience- all day Saturday.  Women minister to other women whereby a formation period leads to a team ministry for the next renewal.  The responsibility of the renewal process is transferred from team to team.

How and Why Does Renewal Happen?

Participants come together in a very casual, yet effective Christian atmosphere of sharing and dialogue where God invites them to experience New Life with Him.  Renewal happens to allow God’s grace to touch an individual in a new way.

The Renewal process allows God the opportunity to work His miracles in your life through:

  • Witnessing and sharing rather than teaching and discussion
  • Inspired liturgies
  • Sharing of Sacred Scripture
  • Shared and Individual Prayer time
  • Community building exercises

Christ calls you to spend some quality time with Him.  The world is full of stress and distractions that lead us away from the real meaning of Life… Relationship.  From the beginning of time, God commands us to love, to love Him, ourselves and others.  Following that command demands hard work.  It is easy to forget that our relationship with God is just as demanding as our other relationships.