Take a quick tour of our newly Renovated church

posted 2/14/23

Watch Our Concluding 150th Anniversary Video

posted 12/18/22

It’s hard to believe that our 150th Anniversary year is coming to an end.  Join us in a look back at that wonderful year, our Sesquicentennial Year of 2022.






Enjoy this Video featuring our  Music Ministry

posted 12/2/22


posted 10/24/22







posted 9/27/22

posted 9/13/22

posted 9/6/22

Meet some of the great folks with our Ministry of Hospitality.

posted 8/29/22

Enjoy this warm visit with Fr. Tom Haren – St Monica

posted 8/22/22

Some members of the Ministry of Lectors Share their thoughts on this wonderful ministry

posted 8/10/22

Today we spend time with Fr. John Schneider

posted 8/4/22

Fr. Larry Martello looks back at Holy Family – and the world and how it has changed.  Enjoy this wonderful talk.


posted 7/25/22

Today we share a heartfelt message with our own Deacon Chuck Tweddell

posted 7/4/22

Fr. Joe Brankatelli joins us for a visit


coming 6/20/22

A very special visit with the Most Reverend Bishop Roger W. Gries

posted 6/14/22

A Special Welcome to Fr. Michael Denk


posted 6/1/22

Fr. Schwet shares some thoughts, as he looks back on the eve of his 40th Anniversary of Ordination.   Check out His Video

posted 5/23/22

Find out more about this beautiful Holy Family Ministry

posted 5/12/22

Enjoy this entertaining look at our history with memories with Fr. Winkel

posted 5/2/22

Share in the fond memories of Fr. Dave Ireland

posted  4/24/22

Find out about this beautiful Ministry

posted 4/11/22

Catch up with Fr. Greg Olszewski in a wonderful spirited visit


posted 4/1/22

Find out more about our Five Star Day Care

posted 3/21/22

Let’s reminisce just a bit with our very special guest Fr. Tom Gilles

posted 3/10/22

Today we visit with the wonderful folks of our Social Action Ministry


posted 3/1/22

Fr. Dennis Kristancic joins our Jubilee Celebration.

posted 2/15/22

Please meet some of the ladies who drive our wonderful Women’s Ministry at Holy Family.

posted 2/1/22

Fr. Ken Wallace joins us today in our celebration

posted 1/14/22

Please take this opportunity to get to know a little more about your Holy Family Finance Council.

posted 1/3/22

Happy New Year!  We are pleased to kick off our 150th Anniversary Video Series with a very familiar special guest!

posted 12/30/21

Introductory Video

posted 12/27/21

Throughout our Jubilee Year – 2022, we will be releasing a series of short Videos.  These Videos will contain many Guests.  They can be easily accessed by clicking the URL that will be listed below on this TAB.  Our guests in these videos will include priests, both present and past.  They will also feature many of our wonderful Ministries.

A New Video will be posted on the 1st and the 15th of every month throughout the entire year.  All of the Videos will be retained in the order released… so you can always return to view your favorites or any that you might have missed.

Our first Video will appear “RIGHT HERE” on January 3, 2022.

On behalf of the 150th Anniversary Communications/Media TEAM we wish Holy Family a wonderful Jubilee Year.