The Angel Scholarship Fund, introduced via the pulpit in late October along with an all parish mailout, has already received over $25,500 in contributions!  We are extremely grateful for those who have contributed to date and ask all parishioners to consider this new opportunity to support our students.  Turning your State of Ohio taxes into tuition assistance directly impacts a family’s ability to afford a Catholic Education. 

As stated from the pulpit in October, Ohioans can now receive a 100% tax credit of up to $750 if you file single and $1,500 if married filing joint, for contributions to the Angel Scholarship Fund.  Please follow the three easy steps mentioned in our parish mailout to fill out the Contribution Form.  If you didn’t receive the all parish mailout there will be information in the back of our church that will guide your efforts to contribute to the Angel Scholarship Fund.  Please note that time is running short as the Contribution Form must be submitted to the Catholic Community Foundation no later than December 30th, 2022.  Thank you and may God bless you!

You may use this link to make an online contribution