The 4th Church Building of Holy Family Parish was completed and dedicated in 1965.
Here are some of the thoughts of Bishop Clarence G. Issenmann, and Archbishop Edward F. Hoban at that dedication.
May this beautiful new edifice, dedicated to the Holy Family, be a place of refuge and consolation, of peace and joy to the parishioners of Holy Family Parish, who have sacrificed so generously to erect a worthy place of worship for their God.”   ~ Bishop Hoban
“Holy Family parishioners will find their new church also the center of their sacramental and prayer lives.  Here the abundant spiritual graces will descend into their souls through the Sacrifice of the Mass, fruitful reception of the sacraments, and deepening fervor of their prayer.  These favors we wish and pray for the people of Holy Family Now and in the Future.”  ~ Bishop Issenmann


May God be with us.